Consultation Fees:

New consultations with Rob will cost £200, while follow-up consultations will cost £125.

With respect to the most commonplace surgical procedures, approximate ‘self-funding costs’ inclusive of hospital, surgical, anaesthetic and pathology fees (i.e. smear tests where relevant) are outlined below. The costs vary according to where your procedure is undertaken; either at one of our dedicated private hospitals; Nuffield Hospital, Cheltenham, Winfield Hospital, Gloucester or the Spire Southbank Hospital, Worcester or as a private patient at Cheltenham General or Gloucester Royal Hospitals.

Rob is Bupa fee and AXA outpatient fee assured. Please note that interest free medical loans are available from the Nuffield Hospital and Spire Hospital.

Outpatient procedures:

Colposcopy with Consultant* £625 – £855
Cervical Smear with Consultant* £180
Outpatient hysteroscopy with Consultant* £750 – £989.00

*Unlike in the NHS all these procedures are undertaken by one of our Consultant Gynaecologists.

Daycase procedures (General anaesthetic):

Diagnostic laparoscopy +/- dye test to fallopian tubes if required (q3900) £1826 – £2983.00
Daycase hysteroscopy (q1800) £1716- £2385.00
Operative laparoscopy i.e. dividing adhesions, ovarian drilling etc (q3800) £2050–£3352.00
(Not including histology as not always needed)
Endometrial ablation or transcervical resection of endometrial polyp (q1700) £2365-£3378.00
Laparoscopic removal of ovarian cyst (q4400) £2365 – £5079.00
Laparoscopic removal of ovary/ovaries (q2230) £2380- £4772.00
Laparoscopic excision of endometriosis (q1701) £2570- £3865.00

*All these procedures are usually daycases but may require an overnight stay according to the complexity of surgery involved.

Inpatient procedures (General anaesthetic):

Vaginal hysterectomy +/- pelvic floor repair (3 day stay) £3646 -£5712.00
Laparoscopic sub-total hysterectomy +/- removal of ovaries (1-2 day stay)(q0751) £4506 – £6486.00
Total laparoscopic hysterectomy +/- removal of ovaries(1-2day stay)(q0790) £4006 – £6849.00

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